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Battle Creek Heating Repair & Maintenance 

Heating Repair & Service Experts in Calhoun County & Jackson County

At Barbour Heating & Air, we truly care about our customers. Making your satisfaction our priority, we offer same-day heating repair and maintenance in Battle Creek. Our fully licensed and insured, EPA-certified technicians handle the repair and upkeep of all makes and models of furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, ductless units, and more.

Whether you’re faced with a problem or are interested in proactive measures, we concentrate on maximizing efficiency, safety, capacity, air quality, reliability, and longevity. Our experts specialize in duct repair and maintenance, and our work and parts are guaranteed. Through fast and reliable solutions, honest answers, competitive pricing, and a friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated team of professionals, we strive to be the best in every way. 

Give us a call at (517) 343-0066 or contact us online to optimize the performance of your essential equipment.


When to Call for Heater Repair

When a heating system is producing unusual noises such as screeching, grinding, banging, scraping, and hissing, it’s a good time to contact a professional for repair. When something is loose, misaligned, cracked, or broken, continued operation can result in further damage to the unit. 

Additional signs it’s time for heater repair include: 

  • No heat
  • Inadequate heat
  • Low airflow
  • High heating bills
  • Unusual odors 
  • Thermostat issues 
  • Temperature swings
  • Short cycling 
  • Constant operation 

Furnace repair is a vital service in Battle Creek, MI. It ensures that furnace heating systems are running safely and efficiently, helping to increase the lifespan of the furnace while saving money on future repairs and energy costs due to improved performance. Early furnace repair also helps to provide reliable heat sources during the cold winter months, making sure that families are able to stay safe and comfortable in their homes. Getting your heating system repaired and maintenenced regularly can help identify potential problems early on – catching any issues before they become major repairs that can be both costly and time consuming. 

Should a 20 Year Old Furnace Be Replaced?

If your furnace is at least 20 years old, you should consider replacing your furnace. The life expectancy for a furnace is 20 years, so if you are always needing repairs, replacing will be worthwhile. If you still not sure or want more information, be sure to contact your local HVAC company. If you are local to us we can assist with furnace repair or installation in Battle Creek.

We Service All Brands & Offer Financing! At Barbour Heating & Air, we are proud to service all brands of HVAC products and serve as a licensed Bryant dealer. Check our our maintenance plans and financing options below!

What Does Heater Maintenance Include? 

Heater maintenance is a preventative service that involves a thorough inspection and tune-up of the system. A professional technician will check all of the system’s essential components and clean, adjust, test, and lubricate them as necessary. 

Some specific tasks that may be included in a heater service appointment include: 

  • Inspecting and cleaning the blower 
  • Checking the burner and flame sensor 
  • Inspecting the belts for any cracks or damage 
  • Checking and replacing the air filter 
  • Testing the system’s safety controls 
  • Examining the electrical connections 
  • Checking and calibrating the thermostat 
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger for damage or corrosion 
  • Checking the vent system 
  • Testing the pilot, burner, and gas pressure 

At Barbour Heating & Air, we recommend having a heating system serviced at least once a year. This will ensure that the heater continues to run efficiently and effectively, as well as maintain optimal indoor air quality. 

The Benefits of Heater Maintenance & On-Time Repairs 

Taking good care of a heating system comes with several payoffs. First, a well-maintained heater will last longer, ensuring the owner gets the most of their investment. Second, servicing and repairing a troublesome unit will keep it running more efficiently, which results in huge energy savings. Proper repairs and maintenance, thirdly, ensure that the heater’s warranty coverage remains valid. Finally, addressing heater issues sooner rather than later will minimize the risk of unexpected breakdowns that could leave a home without heat during the winter. 

To experience all these benefits and more, just reach out to the experienced heating team at Barbour Heating & Air. We offer immediate 24-hour on-call service throughout Battle Creek and surrounding areas. 

We’re always here to help, with no overtime charges ever. Call (517) 343-0066 or contact online for reliable heating repair and maintenance services in Battle Creek. 

Customer Reviews

  • “He was readily available at all times until the job was complete!”

    - Maple Grove Apartments
  • “I will definitely use them in the future. The prices were great. He was incredibly knowledgeable and knew all about my crazy heating system. He diagnosed the problem really quickly and fixed it with no problems.”

    - Kelly D.
  • “Managed to get us running same day even without new part, and timely repaired once new part arrived!”

    - Roxanne C.
  • “Thank you for your quick knowledgeable service.”

    - Elvira K.
  • “It was overall a great decision to go with Barbour Heating and Cooling.”

    - Satisfied Customer
  • “Very polite and efficient, making sure everything was in working condition before he left and answering all my questions.”

    - Tonia H.

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